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The expert mechanics at Specialty Automotive are trained to handle any vehicle maintenance or repair including issues related to your vehicle’s transmission. Our Reno transmission repair services are unparalleled. Not only are our mechanics highly adept in their diagnostic abilities, but they also pay close attention to detail during all our installation and maintenance processes. Handing over the keys to your vehicle, which is often a huge part of your life, can be very intimidating. Fortunately, with Specialty Automotive you never have to worry if your vehicle is in trusting, caring hands.

The Importance of Having a Good Transmission

Your transmission is crucial when it comes to your vehicle’s ability to drive functionally and efficiently. Next to the engine, the transmission is a huge component under the hood of your car or truck. Not only is the transmission responsible for providing the right amount of power to your wheels so you can drive it, but it also controls all of your vehicle’s gears. A damaged or poorly maintained transmission can lead to severe issues such as overheating, leaking fluids, check engine light, slipping gears, immobility, and complete transmission failure. If any of these signs go untreated, you could be facing very costly repairs and even the loss of your vehicle.

Professional Transmission Repair Provided by Specialty Automotive

Specialty Automotive prides itself on its comprehensive process for providing quality Reno transmission services. Starting with diagnosing your vehicle’s main issue, our technicians address all of your concerns head on. Assessing each part of your vehicle to determine the point of concern is our specialty. This allows us to provide better, more effective repairs and solutions. Once the key problem has been diagnosed, we’ll address the issue by providing solutions that are effective and cost-efficient for you. After that we’ll ensure your vehicle is in complete working condition by performing a quality assurance test before we give you back your vehicle. If you’re having concerns about your transmission, then connect with the experts at Specialty Automotive and schedule an appointment to have it taken care of!
Additional Automotive Services

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