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Tire Mounting, Balancing, and Rotation
It’s typical to get your tires rotated and balanced when you have a tire change service done, however, it’s not often that you have your tires replaced. That means many people go years without having their tires balanced or rotated which can take a huge toll on your vehicle. From bumpy rides to loss of traction, your tires are responsible for how comfortable, or uncomfortable, you feel driving down the road. And, they directly impact your overall safety and the vehicle’s drivability. Your vehicle relies on tire services to maintain stability and durability, so it’s crucial that you have them checked by a professional tire technician.

If you’ve been wondering if tire balancing or rotation is necessary for your vehicle, the answer is yes. Specialty Automotive provides the best mounting, balancing, and tire rotation Reno has to offer. Schedule an appointment with us today for a thorough vehicle inspection!

Tire Balancing

Tire balancing is done to evenly distribute weight throughout the vehicle’s tires and around the axles. This even weight distribution helps your vehicle handle turns and grooves in the road much better which ultimately makes your vehicle safer to drive and ensures even tire wear. It’s important to note that weight distribution can be thrown off little by little each time you drive your vehicle, and most drivers don’t notice this right away. However, the longer this goes on, the worse your tires will get making it riskier to be driving on them without having them balanced.

Tire balancing is a quick, easy, and inexpensive service to have done and could save you from an unexpected problem with your tires. We use a high-quality balancer to center the wheel and spin it to determine where the weights should go. The balanced tire is then mounted to the vehicle and tested to ensure the tire and wheel assembly functions properly and provides a smooth ride.

Benefits of having your tires balanced include:
Enhances safety
Improves handling

Limits road noise
Computer Reduces costs related to tire malfunctions updates/reprogramming
Provides a more comfortable ride
Ensures even wear of tires

Tire Rotation

Most drivers aren’t aware of the risks associated with not having their tires rotated periodically. Some of those risks include poor handling and the increased likelihood of a flat tire or complete tire failure occurring which can put you and others on the road at risk. Tires are rotated in order to avoid these issues by allowing your tires to wear more evenly. Because your front and rear tires carry different loads, it’s common for them to wear unevenly. Your front right tire is even more vulnerable to wear than the front left tire based just on how quickly you take your turns.

Avoid dangerous tire complications by getting your tires rotated by the knowledgeable and experienced technicians at Specialty Automotive! Tires cannot be moved or rotated at random, there is a specific pattern to follow which ensures even wear. We know exactly how your tires should be rotated to best benefit your vehicle. Get the best tire rotation in Reno at Specialty Automotive!

Benefits of a Reno tire rotation include:
Preserves traction and handling
Enhances safety
Ensures tire warranties are valid
Ensures even wear of tires
Limits road noise
Prevents tire blow-outs/flats
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