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Reno Oil Change

Getting frequent oil changes are a must! Around every 5,000 miles or so, it is crucial that your old oil be removed and replaced with clean and fresh oil. At Specialty Automotive, we provide oil changes & lubrication services to ensure your engine is operating at its highest performance level. It is very important to keep your engine functioning properly. To do so, oil and lubrication changes are key. Oil changes ensure that your engine is lubricated enough to prevent friction or wear on moving parts. The oil will also cool down your engine, reduce engine noise and fight rust and corrosion. It also works with the oil filter in order to remove contaminants that are inside the engine. Frequent oil changes are necessary for helping your engine operate at the highest performance levels. Oil cleans your engine as it flows through it. When there is dirty oil inside your engine, it moves slowly and is not able to lubricate your engine properly. The dirty oil contains gritty particles that can hinder friction reduction abilities and will increase the wear on moving parts.
Avoid more serious repairs by bringing your vehicle into a trusted auto repair shop for regular maintenance. Our technicians will use their expertise and skill to properly diagnose the source of the problem and provide the right solution. At Specialty Automotive, we take pride in knowing that our work is exceptional every time! Let us know how we can help you, give us a call!

Services Include the Following:

Air Conditioning & Heating
Batteries, Starters & Alternators
Brakes & Anti-lock Systems
Carburetors & Fuel Injection
Clutch Replacement
Computer software updates/reprogramming
Cooling Systems & Radiators
Diagnostic Troubleshooting
Electrical System Repair
Emergency Repairs
Engine Cleaning
Engine Repair & Replacement
Headlight Adjustment
Oil Change & Lubrication Services
Shocks & Struts
Squeaks & Rattles
Steering & Suspension
Tires, Balancing, Rotation
Transmission Repairs
Universal Joints
Windshield Wiper Blades & Repairs
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Let us know how we can help you, give us a call!
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